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Hello Everyone,

I am 26 years old. In 2002, I lost my left testicle because of torsion, and because of late identification, doctors were not able to protect and i was left with only one. Life was normal, as there was no difference. But since past one year, I start aching my right testical and my sperm started to get thinner and less.

I went to doctor, and had scanning, sperm and testosterone level test. Sperm count was low and motility also went low but testosterone level was normal. But at the same time doctors didnt gave me any medicine because they r calling it as unknown reason. I have already gone to 3...4 doctors but no specific reason, neither any medicines. As a result I am feeling gradual changes in my penis and testicles, which includes decrease in size of penis, less erection, less sperm, and even i m noticing a decrement in size of testicle as well.

I am now looking for some homeopathic treatment. So my question is wt could be the reason for this problem and any solution or recommendations? Because this is the matter of my future, as i wont be able to get marry neither kids, which will create a lots of problems for me

Also i want to ask what are the other effects that I have to face, if my both testicles go dead and stop working.

Waiting for the positive response from the panel.



my right testicle is shrunken with mumps to improve the size of testies in homeopathy