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hello my seman analysis report is a.sperm count 28 million/ml progressive 20percent c. non progressive 80 percent d. sluggish 20percent e. active 0 percent. so pls tell me the meaning of each point and also tell that is it ok ti concieve . if no than what is the problem. i m also taking the tablets fitromid , provirinum , speman is it ok tablets.


Hello vansh,

the limit for normal sperm count is 15 million per 1ml, so with 28 million/ml you have a normal sperm count. The rest of the test result is related to your sperm motility or how much active your sperm cells are. So basically, they found that your sperm cells are less active. For intrauterine insemination you need both high sperm count (28 million is OK), but it's also important that you get higher activity (or motility) of your sperm cells so that even when they're injected they remain active for long enough so that conception can happen,

Wish you all the best,