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I am 16 and have been masturbating and watching porn since I was about 10, and what I've noticed since I've become sexually active is my erections aren't really that hard. This is something that has been occurring for a while, yet I never really was concerned till it posed a greater issue. It's still erect just curved down a bit. I'm worried I have Peyronie's disease yet it doesn't seem that severe. My main question is, have I caused permenant damage? Do I need to go to the doctor? Or if I stop masturbating for a long period of time, will the veins and muscles rebuild overtime and cause stronger erections in the future? I really don't wanna go to my parents yet it's embarrassing and my girlfriend thinks there's something wrong with her. Please help


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Hey Chase are you able to get a strong erection when you watch porn and masturbate does your erection only get soft when you're with your girlfriend? It's hard to say without seeing your penis but Every penis is different some point straight up someplace straight out and some have a downward curve that is normal. How big is your penis? Typical downward curves are seen with larger penises