Please tell me they stop :'( I had only been on them for 3 weeks when I realized If i didn't take one I would flip out. There is crushing anxiety. (I went to the store and bought makeup and actually used this because of flipping out....I am a guy. I'm going to lose my job over these things. Does it ever stop? I have blurred vision and my head is spinning and I have sank ito severe depression.

I called the night off from work and in a debate over the weekend. Afterthat who knows I may lose my job or become a Soma addict. In all honesty, I might as well be dead.

The Doctors have no clue when they prescribe this stuff. As other posters as stated none of my medicine works right anymore... Do the withdrawals stop or am I trapped forever. I have been trying to come off since monday taking 1 and a half to 2 somas a day. I had one this morning and want another so bad. I seriously think I'm on my deathbed.

Sorry for the jumbled thoughts but I am a wreck