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Slimentia is an over the counter diet aid made from nopal powder, green tea extract, kola nut, and apple fiber. There's no reason that these particular ingredients would make you sick (although I have no way of knowing whether they are actually in the product), but it's not realistic to put a lot of hope in becoming thin while taking the product, either.

The main active ingredient in Slimentia is, it's not unfair to say, slimy. Nopales are cactus leaves. They are eaten as a vegetable in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. First you very carefully cut off the prickly and potentially painful spines from the cactus paddles. Then you remove the tough outer layer. Finally you have the edible part of the cactus leaf, oozing slimey mucus-like liquid all over your cutting board. Nopales are boiled and served as a vegetable, or steamed and added to salads like green beans, or used to make pickles.

That oozy slime is what makes nopales good for you. It doesn't "stop you up," but it slows down the digestive process. It makes food stay in your stomach longer. You feel fuller longer. You don't want to eat as much. It's not a huge addition to your willpower. Adding a couple of servings of nopales a day to your daily diet will probably help you lose about one extra kilogram (two pounds) every three months, not counting any blood loss while preparing them.

Still, every little bit helps, as long as you are doing your part with diet and exercise. That's also true of apple fiber. It also helps food stay in your stomach. An apple a day makes your weight gain go a little faster. all other things equal (that is, you don't make using Slimentia or eating apples an excuse to overeat). 

Kola nuts are a source of caffeine. Green tea plus caffeine helps your body burn carbohydrates just a little faster. Part of the dilemma of using green tea plus caffeine as a diet aid is that there's just no way you can get enough of the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea to make a difference in weight loss by drinking green tea. You would need to drink about 40 cups a day. Nutritional supplements using EGCG extract give you the boost to weight loss without the need to gulp down gallons of tea.

But the other part of the dilemma of using green tea plus caffeine for support weight loss is that you have to get some caffeine or there's no weight loss effect, but you can also cancel out the effects of green tea by getting too much caffeine. Three soft drinks (for example, cans of Diet Coke) or three cups of coffee a day stops any benefit from the green tea.

And even if you do green tea and caffeine just right (kola nut is a modest source of caffeine), avoiding caffeinated beverages of all kinds, you only lose about 250 grams (half a pound) more every month you are on the product. That's not nothing, but it's not very much.


I can't see a lot of value in taking Slimentia. If it really contains the ingredients it advertises, it might help a little, about the same as eating 50 calories less every day. It's simpler just to eat a little less and rely on your body's natural self-regulatory mechanisms to lose the weight.


There is never a pill that does a better job of weight loss than you do. Eat less and you will lose some weight. There's just no way to weigh less unless you eat less. Even exercise will not take off the pounds for you, although there's no doubt exercise is a good thing. Simply eat less than you are eating now.

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