I had an anterior C4-C5, C5-C6 ACDF on Feb 15. Released with pnuemonia. Spent 4 days in another hospital for that. First two weeks were hell at home as I have no help other than what I can pay for and they are less than invested in giving a flip.

Now my left shoulder is insanely in pain. Like a hot drill is grinding away in there, the only relief is on sofa with pillow behind back, Soma (which I got off of before as it makes me tired, grouchy and nauseated and Percocet, ditto.) Went to PT and they have me doing very difficult over the head exercises without my brace and it is scary. Friday, I told the PT assistant that it was too much and my neck needs support and this little girl lectured me that I need to work through the pain. Somehow I think following the neurosurgeon's instructions might be wiser than a PT assistant. FYI, I my thoracic and lumbar spine are almost completely fused as this was done in 1975 and I rode and showed horses for years after that with no problems (other than it being stupid).

This surgery is small compared to many I have had and I just can't get better, just sliding downhill rapidly. My 6 weeks off work is almost over and I am so anxious as I love my job and my work and my files need attention.

The neurosurgeon said he can go back in posteriorly to finish C6-7 and it was supposed to be the 20th (a couple of days from now!) or the 26th and I can't get an answer. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks!