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You might think that you have to lose 20lb or bag a new wardrobe in order to feel good about yourself, but you really, really don't. Follow these steps to better body confidence to start feeling fabulous - today.

By the age of 13, over 50% of American girls are unhappy with the way they look. By the age of 17, that increases to 78%. You might not feel good about yourself, but that definitely doesn't mean that you don't look good. You might want to drop 20lb, go shopping for a whole new wardrobe, buy some new makeup or get a drastic haircut, but none of those things are really necessary - all you have to do (we know it isn't easy!) is change the way you think. Experts suggest that the vast majority of the way we feel about ourselves - up to 90% - is mental, meaning that it's simply down to how we think, rather than any external factors such as how we look or the style of our hair or our weight. Getting better confidence is mostly about how we think and feel - so follow these tips to start feeling flawlessly fabulous today!

Get Out of Your Head

A major cause of body confidence woes is that inner voice in your head that says "You look a bit chubby today" or "What are they going to think if you wear that?" Without that voice in your head, you'll feel much better about yourself. So the key is to get out of your head, to stop listening to that voice, and to distract yourself by talking to other people instead. Ask them where they got their outfit from. Talk about their hair. 

Focus on being interested, rather than being interesting, and when you have those connections and conversations you'll soon find that you start to feel better about yourself.

What Does Your Body Do?

Don't like your thighs? Well, they take you to the gym, and to school, and to work. What would you do without them? Had a child? Loathe to show your tummy because of your stretchmarks? Those stretchmarks are tiger stripes that helped you to grow a baby. The list goes on. Those bits of you that you don't like, try to think about them in a positive light - what do they do for you?

You're Not Alone

Think you're the only person who hates their arms? Or who wants to be more toned, or look like Jennifer Lawrence? Nope. We all want to look better, be thinner, have a prettier face, have thinner arms etc etc. You're not alone in those feelings. You might look at a girl and think, "Well, she's a size 3, how could she have any insecurities?" Chances are, she hates her nose, or her feet, or her arms. 

Just because she looks confident, or because you think she looks better than you, doesn't mean that she doesn't have her own insecurities.

Name That Bully

Instead of talking to yourself in a way that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, name that inner bully. If those words aren't coming from you, they aren't the truth - which gives you a way to move forwards and heal.

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