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^I am 60 yrs od, my Dr. stopped all methadone after I went down to 5MGS while sick with gallstones. I was off Methadone for 2 weeks in terrible withdrawals and had to have gall bladder surgery. They gave me 15 5-325 Oxycodone pills for pain. I only needed them for 2 days but my methadone withdrawals were still so horrible that now I have to break one in half just to drive my car to and from work and get through pet sitting work because my shaking and high anxiety is uncontrollabe, even after well over a month. Why did my DR. stop me from 5 MGS of methadone, knowing I was going to need gall bladder surgery and would have pain? I am 60 years old and live alone with no close friends and no relatives to help. I must work or cannot live. What can I do, this withdrawal is unending, I get no sleep, uncontrollable shaking and anxiety are killing me. I am at my wit's end. and have to leave and move out of my apartment due to loss of work.


well i am experiance a horriable withdraw about 17 years ago i went to a doctor because i was haven bad thoughts etc, after 5 vist he said i had ocd and put me on a old drug called anaffinal,be fore this happand i was a strong healthy person he told me that the side efficts would subside after a month or so ,but what he did not know was the long term affect after being on the meds for so many years,iam know in mt 8 month of the withdraw and let me tell u i have never...NEVER been so sick in my life,i have flu like condition every day,dizzy,blerd vision stomach cramps,pain in the eyes,shaking,high anxity deprestion,from this i lost everthing,condo,good job,girlfriend,now iam facing,homeless,bad credit,no car,NO QUILITY OF LIFE ANY MORE THERE IS NO HELP YOUR JOB IS YOUR LIFE...PERIOD