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This is your guide to perfect lashes, with everything you need to know - including the bad habits you need to stop (picking out loose eyelashes, anyone?), good habits to pick up, and how to apply mascara like a pro.

Everyone wants a beautiful set of long, healthy eyelashes, but some of us are less than blessed and are stuck with short, stumpy lashes that are forever falling out. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get stronger lashes, and with a better lash, you won't even need mascara. When you do choose to wear it, it'll adhere much better, and will give you thicker, fuller and much more fluttery-looking lashes — bonus! 

Once you get into the habit of using a select few products, just like you get into the habit of cleansing and toning your face, you'll be surprised at how much healthier your lashes are. In this guide, we share the what to dos and the what not to dos.

Why You Lose Your Lashes

You know how you lose your hair when you wash it, or when you brush it? That's just because your hair goes through a cycle, and it falls out. Your eyelashes are on a much shorter life cycle, but if you're on strong medication such as chemotherapy or steroids, or pull out your eyelashes, they may not grow in as thick or strong. Oh — and another thing. If you ever look at a baby and think, "No fair! They have loads more lashes than I do!" it just looks that way. 
We're born with a set number of eyelash follicles, and because babies are so little, it just looks like their lashes are much lusher.
Something else that could be causing problems is aggressive cleansers and scrubbing to remove long-wearing mascaras, which makes sense, if you think about it. If you scrub at your eyes for a good few minutes every day with strong cleansers, after wearing mascaras that are specifically formulated to stick to your lashes no matter what. Use gentler mascaras, gentler cleansers and just be much more gentle when you're removing your makeup to prevent lash breakage.
On that note, step away from your eyelashes. And if you're pulling them out compulsively, it may be because you have something called trichotillomania. If so, see your doc.

Lash Conditioners

Try to think about your eyelashes in the same way that you think about your hair. They need to be conditioned, and before you style them, you need to prime them with product, in exactly the same way that you use heat defense spray or texturizer on your hair before styling. One way to ensure that your lashes are soft, and not brittle, is to use a conditioner morning and night. 
You can buy conditioners in tubes, just like mascara, and you apply them in exactly the same way. 
Other people swear by natural products like coconut oil applied with a cotton bud, but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Look for products that contain keratin, if you can, as they will strengthen your lashes during their life cycle, although as soon as you stop using it you'll notice the difference as it doesn't affect your lash follicles in any way.
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