I have been on benzos for about 5 years I started out taking .5mg of Xanax, the prescription was for 2 weeks and I made it last a month but not long after I stopped taking it I went into withdrawals and had a convulsion (followed by 3 more over a 6 month period.) I found out what was causing it, found a new Doctor and switched to Klonopin, eventually my Doctor had me taking up to 4mg of Klonopin a day and then for no reason he cut me back to 1mg a day I didn't have a convulsion because I had him put me on Depakote but I felt like I was going to die (he also wouldn't help me wean off, he kept pushing rehab on me or told me to stop cold turkey) He was an id**t and I didn't and still don't need rehab. I found another Doctor and he is helping me wean off the klonopin now. I know what to expect with klonopin withdrawal but not with the Soma. I have been taking 350mg up to 4 times a day for about eight months now due to a neck injury and TMJ in my jaw. I have went a month without taking it and although I didn't feel good it really didn't phase me, the pain was obviously worse and I had trouble sleeping (I have insomnia anyway but the pain sometimes makes it worse) but I can deal with that. What I want to know is if weaning off Soma is going to be as hard as weaning off klonopin? Is weaning off Soma as dangerous as weaning off a benzo? What can I expect? Are there any supplements I can to help me wean off both medications? I take valerian root, melatonin and drink chamomile tea already. I am not addicted to either medication, I am dependent on the klonopin because I have been on it so long and I'm afraid of having another convulsion but I have no craving for it because it honestly doesn't work anymore and although I need the Soma for pain I just don't think it's worth it in the long run. I hope someone has some good news for me. Thanks.