I have now tried to stop using suboxone for 6 days. When the dr put me on it to take me off methadone she said it wasnt additive> BS!! I was told though that the withdrawals only last about 10 days?? I have tried coming off before but after the 3rd day I gave up. I think since i'm on wellbutrin it takes the really bad withdrawal symptons away. Really all I/m havin it loose stools and the sweats so compared to the other withdrawals I had off methadone and the other time I tried to stop Suboxone this is nothing. So maybe if u get a script for some kind of nerve medicine it will help you. Don't get me wrong do not take valium or xanex thats what 5 of my friends died from! But if u take more than 1 a day now just wean yourself down to one a day for about a month before you try to quit!