Scientists have found that herbal supplement called kava can affect the normal functioning of the liver. Kava is mostly used to treat anxiety, insomnia, tension and restlessness. Some previous studies have shown that kava has adverse effects and this new research is trying to find what effects exactly could kava's ingredient called kavain have on the liver.

During the research, scientists used electron microscopes to find what effects could kavain might have on structure of the liver. They found that kavain caused narrowing of blood vessels and the retraction of the cellular lining. Researchers also found that kavain affected certain cells that function in the destruction of bacteria and viruses which make up part of the body’s immune system.

Results of the research confirmed that kavain treatment disturbed the basic structure of the liver and seriously impacted the normal functioning of the liver. However researchers said that more tests need to be done in order to find whether the effects of kava could be reversible.