Green tea is being consumed a lot among health conscious individuals around the world. Green tea and other herbs’ compounds polyphenols are thought of as having great anti-oxidant effects in disorders connected with an increased production of free radicals. Some of these disorders are cancer and heart disease.

However, new researches say that scientists have missed an important fact about these compounds and that is that in large doses these substances could cause liver damage.
The trouble is that propaganda has already made this tea one of the most popular drinking choices worldwide.

In the study conducted, high and low doses of the experimental compound were injected into mice and it was found that at low doses, the compounds counteracted free radicals but produced liver toxicity at high concentrations.
Black and green tea packages usually contain low doses of polyphenols but pill forms could be dangerous as larger amounts of polyphenols are distributed that way into the body.

More researches has been announced regarding metabolism and absorption of the compound and consumers are not being advised to refrain from black and green tea consumption, at least not in small doses.