Experts developed technology that can enable radiologists to feel organs using a computerized image analysis that’s been carried out with the help of three-dimensional mouse that looks like pen. Researchers believe this can enable doctors to diagnose cancer more easily and to prescribe potentional treatment.

During the research it was found that this computerized image analysis can determine the size of organs like the liver but quality of the images varies. It’s difficult for computer to find information that’s important because people look different from each other inside. That’s why it’s common to use interactive methods during which doctors can mark the areas in the image and than let computer do the rest of the work.

Experts are now working on finding an interactive method where this three-dimensional mouse that looks like pen will enable the user to feel the virtual organs and that could replace mouse and keyboard. Scientists claim that computer models can be adapted to the images of organs and than be used to measure the volume of the organ or to calculate changes in possible migrations and shapes.

This technology has already been used for detection of breast cancer.