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Alright, I know by the sounds of it...I'm pregnant...however let me explain my situation.

Two months ago, I started getting sick a lot because of my tonsils and I was working a full time job with some overtime. I'm on the pill but when it came time for my period to come on the four week of my pack, it never came. I took 2 preg tests and they said not pregnant. So I didn't think anything of it. I just took it as stress.

Throughout the next month, I kept getting sick and I was in and out of hospitals. I ended up missing a whole month of work. I lost over 1/3 of blood, so on the fourth week, when my period didn't come, I never thought I could have been pregnant. Because while I was in the hospital I had to undergo surgery. And they gave me anesethia, and I know they tested me to see if I was pregnant numerous times. Plus I under went surgery three times. So if I had been preg, all that anesethia would have harmed the baby and they never would have let me have the surgery.

So anyways, month two went by and no period. But when I went to the gyno, she said not to worry my period just hadn't come because of all the blood lost and the stress.

I'm still on the pill, and I'm on week two of it, but today when I was going to the bathroom I wiped and saw some blood. I'm scared that I may be preg. Because it's not just blood, it's mucus too. However, I think this may just be because of my birth control. Because when I went and got my prescription, they gave me the generic brand of my normal one Microgestrin Fe 1/20, so now I am taking Junel Fe 1/20. But the pharmacist told me it had the same ingredients.

Plus after I had finished my 3rd pack of Microgestrin Fe 1/20, I went like a week without taking any birth control, because I had to wait until my gyno appointment. So I guess it's just like my first time when I started the pill.

I've already taken a preg test, like two days ago and it said not pregnant. I was going to take another one just in case. But please, advise me! %-) Thanks!


I havent had my period since april. I went to use the bathroom july 4th and there was a dark red so i thought it was my period that happened once and there was also alot muscus when i wiped,but now there isnt anything just nothing! i dont know what to do. i also hqve pcos so it makes me missed my periods alot!