i'm on birth control, and the pharmacy switched what i was on. i took the first pill pack, and during the second one (mid to late april) i started spotting through sporatically. it was mostly brownish-red gunk that i'd had before, and thought nothing of it. since then, my boyfriend and i have had sex, and so there is a chance that i might be pregnant. on saturday night (2 days ago) i began bleeding like it was my period (except that its not supposed to start for another week). i then woke up sunday morning with intense cramps, more severe than i've ever had with my period - and a more sharp pain. i also almost passed out this morning and have been feeling nauseous since the pain started. i looked the symptoms up online and what i found is that i might be having a miscarriage from an unknown pregnancy.

i have a friend that has had one, and she said the symptoms that i'm having are what happened to her, but my boyfriend thinks that it could just be from the different pill and stress.

please help. i'd be very grateful :]