i was ment to go for the depo on the 9th off december but i decided i didnt want it i only had one shot, me and the boyfriend have been having unprotected sex, we had sex over christmas, i started having cramps on wednesday the 2nd and on the thursday i was still cramping but i had pink blood when i wiped, it got a little heavier but only a little, just more on the tissue when i wiped, i had a stretchy mucus stained with blood a few times yesterday, today i have stopped bleeding, but ive been weeing more and have had back pain, i woke up on friday the 4th with achey legs but i hadnt done anything to make them ache, im still slightly crampy but stoped spotting, (sorry if this is grose) i had a poop yesterday morning and today and it was yellowy i havent eaten anything to turn it yellow, today the 8th had a hair line streak off blood in cervical mucus, just wondering if anyone has experianced it, how long i should wait to test, thankyou