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Good day

Hopefully someone can help me, i was on Petigen injection for 7 years left it about a year ago i had regular periods for the past 10 months now and my mucus veries from the last day my periods ended till it starts again meaning every month is differant for me, i have a 24 to 25 day cycle sometimes the mucus was thick and stringy a week before i start to two weeks before i start but this month was differant my periods ended yesterday afternoon and i thought it started again later during the day when i got to the loo i had a thick spongy stringy blodge of mucus on the toiletpaper is it a sign of ovulation can you ovulate so early after periods has ended please i need an anwser seeing that i cant find anything on the internet, i know im not prego seeing i just ended my periods and if i type in mucus after periods it gives me signs of pregnancy and it frustrates me cause i cant find the corect anwsers


Hi, i had the same issue today. I actually had my iud removed about a month ago and started AF 4 days ago (which is already gone < not normal for me). Anyways, i went to the bathroom today, wiped, and there was thick brown/yellow stretchy mucus (sorry, tmi). I know I'm not pregnant since i had my period and i took a test 5 days ago that was negative. Have you had any luck finding an answer on this issue?