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i had my mirena iud inserted jan 27, 08. before that i was very regular, like clock work. for about 4 months i spotted every 2-3 weeks. then i barely bled at all, just when i wiped i would see blood but it never came out on my clothes. sometimes when i had sex, there would be pinkish on his penis. it never really was consistant and i had no idea when it was going to happen. nov 13, i started bleeding lightly and then i had it removed nov 14 because we are trying to have another baby. on nov 15 i started bleeding heavier and it lasted about 7 days. no cramping which is very odd for me, i usually have to eat ibprefen like candy.

was that my period or was that from me taking the iud out.

for the last couple of days i have had alot of this creamy milky white mucus discharge. no odors, just feel really wet. do you think i'm about to ovulate?
i don't recall having this much discharge before ovulating before.
i have read on some people's forums that they say when pregnant you can get mucus discharge too????
i have a 7 year old daughter but i don't remember if i got that when i found out i was pregnant then. sorry.

should i take a pregnancy test? or am i being to wishful?
i just don't know when the last time i ovulated.

i don't usually have any problems being dry but this is alot of discharge. it doesn't usually come on my panties but when i wipe, its enough to see it on the tissue even when i don't go to the bathroom.

please help me


well i just got my period again last night 12/3. i just got finished bleeding for 7 days so i don't understand. maybe this is my REAL period?