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A few months ago, I stopped taking my birth control pill (Yaz) in the middle of a pill pack because I was convinced I had become pregnant. Within a week of stopping the pills, I had an early miscarriage. I never restarted the pills, and since then my period has been fairly regular in coming every 28-31 days after that combined withdrawal bleed/miscarriage (which came about 2 weeks early).

I know that normally, ovulation would occur around halfway through the menstrual cycle - roughly 14 days after the first day of bleeding). But my periods are now in the middle of what my cycle used to be.

So, here's my main question: Is it possible that my ovulation time is now very close to my menstruation time?


if your periods have changed times, so has your ovulation

periods occur due to monthly changes in your hormones, so your ovulation will still be in the middle of the 28 day cycle!