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Hi everybody, Last month I stopped taking BC after about 5 years of being on it. I got my period about 2 days after stopping mid pack. I am now a little over a month later and have not gotten my period again or any signs of it. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, but I am not sure if I have technically "missed" a period since I stopped mid pack and may have possibly thrown my cycle off? Any and all input is completely appreciated!


Typically the first few months after the pill will be a bit wacky, and from what I've experienced/read and heard from my own OB/GYN, it can be hard to get pregnant until a few months have passed.  The extended use may play a factor in this, as chemicals leave your body and your body attempts to bring itself back to it's normal cycle.

Keep pregnancy tests handy, and use them in the morning if your period continues to be MIA.  It definitely could be irregular from the pill.  If it continues to be missed, but tests are negative, talk to your OB/GYN and make sure everything's okay.

Best of luck!