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I've had my mirena in for about 3 1/2 years. When I first got it I was prescribed a medication that made it so I could not get a period (my doctor suspected I had endometriosis). I stopped taking the medication about a year ago and have, since then, gotten a very light, but very regular period. I have not gotten my period in over two months. After I missed it in June I took 4 home pregnancy tests over four weeks. All negative (two different brands). I asked my PC doctor for a blood test and he said it was impossible for me to be pregnant... So he tested for other things. Nothing irregular. I have been nauseous, dizzy and crampy for close to a week. My doctor just retired and I have not been to see his replacement. Should I ask her to do a blood test to see if I am pregnant? Or should I go to see my OB/GYN? Or am I just being neurotic? Not trying to conceive, right now and have some other health concerns so I am getting really worried. I have PCOS and some complications resulting from it, but am not diabetic.


Did you ever get an y answers to your questions?? I'm have the same exact thing happen to me and I'm starting to get a little worried.