Ok So Im Freaking Out. I Stopped Taking Birth Control Sept.2 But Before Then I Had Many Times Where I Take The Pills Late. I had unprotected sex august 13 && 28 , September 3,12,23. I Had A Period august 20-24 && September 5-10. I Was Forced To Take Plan B on the 15th which was 79 hours later after unprotected sex But I Only Put It In My Mouth and spitted it in the pop (long story) so i really didnt take the pill. But september 21 && 22 i had brownish bleeding that wasnt the normal heavy flow and stopped at night. Then the 23 & 24 i started spotting pink only once a day didnt know until early mornings when i wiped and after that it would be gone for the rest of the day. And lately ive been feeling not severe or mild just lower back pains, sore nipples, nausea, pressure on my uterus or something down there, frequently using the bathroom. I've gotting off birth control pills before and never went through this and i also never had unprotected sex until now. Has anyone else hone through this ?Could this be because i might be pregnant ? Please help ! I go to the doctor tuesday but thats so far away