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In a new study, researchers were trying to link early-life stress exposure to mental problems in adolescence and adulthood.
They determined that there is a connection and that children who were exposed to stressful situations in early stages of life are at more risk of developing mental disorders.

The study involved small groups of monkeys and lasted for 3 years. Young monkeys were separated from their mothers at 1 month old and were then later raised in a stable social group. The monkeys showed such behavior later on that could be characterized as anxiety in humans.

This finding reflects a need for counseling for children who experienced traumas such as abuse, neglect, or loss of a parent in order to avoid or decrease a chance of developing behavioral and emotional disorders.


I must agree that some of these findings are logical to me. I can’t say that I was abused but I was neglected as a child and as I was growing up I thought there were no consequences but now I can see some of them. I am not capable to maintain relationship if the man is not older at least few years and I always seek protection in my partner. Over the years of therapy I have realized that childhood is very important.

And now I am afraid to have children because I don’t want to do the same thing my parents have done but I am still afraid that somehow I will do that. Is there any solution to overcome fears like this?