Last national statistics tell that strokes affect more women then man.
Strokes affect women in significant numbers and are gaining more attention from physicians and researchers, who are studying gender differences in symptoms that could improve treatment.

Overall, stroke is the country's third leading death cause. According the American Stroke Association, more then 700,000 people will have stroke this year and 60 percent of stroke deaths occur in women.

The statistics are showing that cca. 100,000 women die annually of stroke, almost 40k more than the number of men who die from it.
However, men are at greater risk than women but as they (men and women) get older, the difference is less and less apparent.

Strokes can affect younger women as well, including after childbirth when the blood is more likely to clot - probably an evolutionary adaptation so new mothers don't bleed to death. Also women who have migraine headaches, and those who smoke and take oral contraceptives increase the risk of stroke.

The high incidence of diabetes and hypertension is most cause for stroke by younger population. Other risk factors include high cholesterol, family history, untreated heart disease, carotid artery disease, sickle cell anemia and tiny, sometimes imperceptible, undiagnosed strokes called TIAs, or transient ischemic attacks.

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