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All that hard work only pays off during the recovery time after your workout. Be sure that you are getting the right post-workout supplement, specially designed for your needs.

Working out on a regular basis promotes good health, and good physical fitness. This may be a well known fact, but what few people know is that the benefits of your physical activity do not occur during the activity, but after you've finished.

Your health and physical condition improves as a reaction to the physical demands you placed on it. As a result, you become stronger, fitter, and healthier in the moments following your workout.

This is known as the recovery period. During the recovery period, the body tries to return to its natural state, known as homeostasis  the heart rate decreases, breathing shallows, and the body resumes normal temperature. If the demands placed on the body were great, it will also attempt to make the changes to be able to better manage the demands for next time. This is known as adaptation.

What is Adaptation

Adaptation to exercise occurs in the recovery phase. The human body is very adaptive to external conditions. This is how physical feats are met. Through a series of trainings and adaptations, the body is better accustomed to the demands that are placed on it.

There are a few factors which should be in place to elicit full and effective adaptation.

  • Sleep: good sleep quality and quantity are required to get the best results, much of the growth and mental preparedness occurs at this time.
  • Nutrition: very good nutrition is required to elicit results. The right portions of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients are responsible for refuelling and make up the building blocks of connective tissue.

  • Wellness: emotional and mental wellness are both required to elicit good results. High stress and anxiety can severely limit your results as it has a debilitating effect on the nervous system.

Why use workout supplements?

Workout supplements are meant to take care of the nutrition part of your recovery. Both men and women can benefit from supplements, improving their recovery. In the best situations, recovery periods should be quick and complete, maximizing the potential benefits of working out. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

The biggest reason why recovery periods are not as effective as they can be is that recovery foods should be taken immediately after the workout. The most critical recovery time is within 30 minutes post-workout. These are the golden moments that must be carefully planned; and the main reason why post-workout supplements have been so effective and useful.

Convenient packaging and different options make them great supplements to your regular daily meals and snacks.

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