Recent research revealed that breast cancer vaccine may be developed in period of next 10 years. Scientists are saying that lab test are showing promising results. They claim that vaccine will have ability to stimulate immune system in body and help it to fight disease. They hope that vaccine will be able to prevent cancer occurring in the first place. They are working on finding a protein that will have ability to find, recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Doctor say that first of all vaccines will be administered to women already diagnosed with breast cancer in order to prevent it from recurring. They hope that experimental studies will begin in next couple of years.

Researchers were also trying to find how is women lifestyle related to risk of breast cancer. Interesting fact is that researchers found that cancer cells can develop years before they become detectable. They also advise women not to take supplements in order to prevent cancer because they are mostly useless and dangerous. They believe that supplements can actually increase risk for many diseases including cancers. Many of them have chemicals that may suppress immune system and that can lead to cancer.

Doctors advise women to change their lifestyle in order to prevent cancer. They say that women should reduce alcohol intake, exercise regularly, eat a lot of vegetables, reduce fat intake as much as they can, avoid supplements and get some sunshine as well.