New research found a protein which has ability to monitor growth of new blood vessels and prevent many problems.

When it comes to injury, body response to it by growing new blood vessels to repair the damaged tissue. Recently, it was found that too much growth can cause problems and scientists found that CIB1 protein can control growth of these new blood vessels.

This research is very important because it represents target for drug treatments which can help body to repair itself after injury occurs and control the growth of new blood vessels that are unwanted. During the study it was acknowledged that CIB1 only affects growth of blood vessels after injury. On testing on mice it was found that mice born without this protein could remain healthy unless they were injured.

CBI1 doesn’t play essential role in fetal development but it represents important role in pathological forms of growth of new blood vessels. Experiments showed that this protein was critical for angiogenesis in the retina and that it’s important to restrict growth of new blood vessels in the eyes while treating retinal disease.

Conclusion of this study is that CIB1 protein could be potential target for angiogenic drug therapies and that more research needs to be done in order to determine the exact role that this protein plays in angiogenesis.