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Hello everyone. I am a 50 year old female. In the last year my problem has gotten worse. I experienced black floater's, now I experience blackness across my eye's. This is happening more often now. It scares me, because it happens sometimes when I am driving. When it happens it totally blinds me to where I try to pull over until it is finished. What causes this?


Hi Cathy,

Please see an opthamologist for an eye exam.  Not an optometrist or optician but an opthamologist, a true eye doctor.  You need a thorough vision exam, including dilation, so the optic nerve can be seen.

It may be a form of retinal detachment.  It is also possible that it is a cardiac problem.  Loss of blood flow, possibly due to blocked arteries or veins, can lead to temporary blindness.  It may also be a form of spasm causing an obstructed blood flow.

Less likely, but still something to consider, it may be a TIA (mini stroke).

See your doctors ASAP.  You should also not be driving with this condition.

Good luck.