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Please help me!!! :'(

I feel lot of syntoms and the Doc simply cant help me :-(

Since about 6 months a realized that my left eye get quite blurry sometimes e and this stay for hour or even days! it is very annoying, but there are other things too...

a month ago a realized that my let eye also see thing a bit darker (even bright light), and the color are not vivid as with my right eye.

I have pain (normally in one eye and in one side of the head, that stays sometimes a day, or even a week!

Also a month ago I realized that my left pupil is more dilated than the right one and it hasent change since a realized.

I went to the ophtalmologist and he said that he dont think is "Optic Neuritis" because my optic disc looks fine, and my syntoms are there since a long time, so if would be optic neuritis would be clear to see.

Im so angry about that! because...

my eye is darker, pupil large (it mean something is worng with the optic nerve, my eye does not recognize the light is much is it should because is demaged! ) the color are there, but not so vivid as on the right eye (this is another clear syntom!)

I suffer from GAD (Anxiety) and (SD) Severe Depression, and i feel desperate!

Why he said that?!

How long time takes to a doctor see optic neuritis in a eye?

please in God's name, someboy help me , i'm really losing my mind :'(


You may have symptoms of macular degeneration of your left eye. This can result in legal blindness if left untreated. You may be better served seeing an optometrist rather than an ophthalmologist. An optometrist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats only eye disorders, whereas an ophthalmologist is an MD or DO who specializes in eye diseases. For that reason, an optometrist will generally have more experience in diagnosing eye diseases than an ophthalmologist.