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Long story short.  
I've always been paranoid about having sex, because of pregnancy being a factor.
Well, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years, he is in the military, and I see him
roughly 5 times a year.  

We messed around.  He inserted for MAYBE 5 minutes.  Me being paranoid, told him we had to stop.  (NOT the way I pictured my first, but hey, it's whatever) 

Here are the factors to be taken into play.

1.  I'm on birth control.  Aviane.  I have not missed a pill for 2 whole months.  I was 12 hours late on ONE pill several weeks back.  That's it.  
2.  I took Plan B 11 hours after "intercourse"  (Paranoia)
3.  It happened 5 days before my period is supposed to happen.
4.  He did not ejaculate, and he said he urinated several times throughout that day before we did anything. 

So, what should I think?  I have on orange pill left in my pack before my period is supposed to start.  I have had NO symptoms at all from Plan B, such as bleeding, cramps, nausea, and such.  

What are the chances that I am pregnant?  The Pill, Plan B, 5 minute intercourse that consisted of approx. 15 thrusts.  (TMI, sorry) 

But I'm stressing.  I know Plan B can mess with your cycle, but I just need to know what to expect and such.  

I am not someone 18 and younger.  This is not a "OMG I'M A PRE TEEN HAVING SEX FOR FUN" deal.  This is serious.  


If you're very regular with the pill, you shouldn't have much to worry about - especially if the last time you missed one was several weeks back.  The chemicals typically take a few days to leave the body - if the pill has been missed for an extended period of time - so reintroducing them should have kept you from ovulating.

Plan B does not always have symptoms.  I had to take Plan B a lot when me and my fiance first got together (honeymoon phase came a little early for us), and I never had symptoms.  If I took a generic brand, though?  World was over.  Had the worst side effects.

While I'm sure you know about pre-cum, I wouldn't worry that it would get you pregnant considering the measures you took.  If Plan B does mess with your period, and it is late, then a pregnancy test from the drugstore might alleviate any fears.  I've become way too familiar with those, as I'd take them to alleviate my fiance's fears almost every month.

Best of luck to you!


Thanks for the advice! I know I am not in the clear yet as it has only been 5-6 days since it happened, but I suppose that puts me a little more at ease. I hope my luck isn't THAT bad that I'm the 1%. With having taken the pill religiously AND Plan B.

All I can do now is wait. (as hard as that is) but stressing isn't going to help. And I'll admit I still am. : It's hard to believe reading all of these forums about 12 year olds wanting to know how to have sex, or wanting to know if they are pregnant. Here I am an adult and WIGGING out. Sheesh.