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Hello, i am 18 years old. The problems i have been having is a pulse like feeling in my stomach. Not only that i get cramps and my stomach tightens before i can find the throbbing pulse. I can use the bathroom and shortly later ill have cramps in my lower abs that is accompanied by pain at times from the cramps. But i have noticed that the cramps move once i touch them or my boyfriend. Or completly goes away. I have taken 6 or so pregnancy test all neg. I can at times visibly see my stomach move. From what i have researched... there is a main artery which is aorta when goes to your stomach it splits to go to your legs. I know you can feel this thumping if are thin but i usually have a very low heart rate of 74 after hard running. And usually stays in higher 40's when at rest idk what it is now. But i haven't ever felt this. Especially so strong that i can feel it move to other sides of my stomach. It gets stronger as my boyfriend touches it cause hes body temp is higher than mine so heat and gone.


Sounds like you have or may have brachycardia, this is when you have a slower than normal heartrate.  I'm fighting tachycardia which is a faster than normal heartrate and I see a Cardiologist, so I suggest to make an appointment with your family doctor and go from there.  Good luck