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Hearing heartbeat in ears. Sometimes it gets stronger First symptom is face gets very warm no fever, ears get hot and red and sensitive (right one) and whoosh or tzzing hearing in ears like pulse. It subsides after 8 hrs or less. Impossible to sleep. If I sleep flat on back am awakend 2 hrs later by

very strong heart beat like its forcing alot of blood thru. Subsides with exercise. Condition goes away for 48 hrs so heart system not fighting infection. If I sleep with upper torso at 45 degree angle still wake after 2 hrs but pulses not as strong. Then after I can sleep for hrs no problem. Dr checked ears ok, did all blood work ok, I'm male 67 yrs and in gen good health. Did ultrasound on abdominal kidnesys bladder ok. Seems like some chemical command triggering heart to pump harder and faster not too fast. I tested things to try to determine what triggers the face heat, ears hot and harder beats, chocolate, caffiene, pepsis, salt, coughing, cigarette smioking, stressfull video games have no effect.  BP normal am taking Ramapril 10 mg Altace nothing else. Dont think its heart but something telling heart to work hard, feel it thumping in chest. Just repeated T3's blood test..and 24 hr urine special test..awaiting results. Reg urine test showed nothing, and abdominal ultrasound clear. No dizzyness, nausea etc. Bowel and urine movement perfect, no pains or lightheadedness. Appreciate your inputs thanks in advance!


Davisal, I'm suffering a similar thing. Curious what your eventual diagnosis was. Please reply.