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Hi, Im 15 and I have almost been fingered. the finger didn't go in. I have since had two normal periods. can I be pregnant coz using a stethoscope I could hear a heartbeat in my stomach just in the middle under my ribcage


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I don't see how you could be pregnant from what you describe. About the heartbeat, you can hear your heartbeat all over your body, wherever there are blood vessels close enough to the surface. For instance when they take your blood pressure with an arm cuff they put the stethoscope on your arm to listen for it. You can buy a finger style BP checker. It has to hear a pulse in your finger to work. You have an artery that goes to your stomach, probably more than one as they rerouted a stomach artery on me to go to my heart during bypass surgery. If there was only one going to the stomach I doubt they would take it. How would I be able digest food without it?