Hey everyone, Me and My girlfriend had sex on Feb 3rd early in the morning. It was protected sex, but we stopped randomly during intercourse and I realized that the condom was broken, and before that I did see some ejaculation in the condom. The next morning at around 11. We decided to go and get Plan B, and she took it, and it has been around 2-3 weeks. But 2 weeks before that she started a new birth control cycle which apparently takes 2 or 3 weeks to kick in, she was on it before, so her period is irregular. We took 3 tests last week. And 2 came out positive and one came out negative, and then the following week we took 1 more which came out negative and then we took another one on Saturday which came out negative, but yesterday she made an appointment with the doctor to get checked out and it came out positive, mind you we told the doctor about the previous tests.. and he said that it could be to early to tell and it could be the body just messing around, but after he said the test was positive, he talked about the abortion pill and how we have to wait a span of 10 weeks for her to get her last period, (which is irregular) So that she could take pill, and if it didn't come in those 10 weeks, she have to go through with the actual abortion. But if the doctor said it could be to early to tell, could it be a chance for his test being false positive? And why wait the span of 10 weeks? Why can't she just take the pill now. It all doesn't make any sense. I'm in a predicament right now. And I'm stressing so much.