I took out my Nuva Ring on April 11th, and started my period on the 14th which lasted till the 19th (I put in a new ring on the 18th) . It was a completely normal period. On April 24th my husband and I decided that we were finally going to try get pregnant! This lead us to taking out my Nuva Ring after only a week of having it in. We realised that we probably should have waited a couple weeks to take it out at the normal time, but it was doen and over with. Just 4 days later, I ended up getting my period again, which was very heavy compared to my usual period. This one lasted 5 days. Once my period was over with and we were in the clear, my husband and I had unproted sex. After laying a bed for a few minutes afterwards, I had gone to the bathroom and there was blood when I wiped. Ever since I've been spotting for the past 3 days and my breasts have been incrediably tender and my joints ache.
Is my body just acting all wierd because we've screwed up it's normal routine? Or could I possibly be pregnant already? Being pregnant doesnt seem to make any sense, but maybe?