I got my IUD removed on Feb 14 to let my body just chill with out bc. We plan to TTC after our wedding in August. I started a normal period on Feb.24th. lasted for 5 days. We had sex but he pulled out, then March 24th I started spotting light pink only when i wiped then could i tell, and that lasted for 3 days then it got a little heavier and more like a redish brow color for 2 days. Took hpt got 3neg and 1 faint pos so I took a blood test and I only had 2ml of HCG in my blood(your not prego til you have a reading of 5ml) Now this month we did it on the 9th, 11th, and 12th and on the 15th I had a day of spotting very light clearly pink no heavy bleeding. Well now it april and I am a day late and just today my nipples became sore, I`m having period like cramping(more on my left side if that mean anything), upper legs hurting and a neg test. So what really going on? has anybody experince something like this? and were you pregnant or not?