I took plan B on October 1st the morning after my boyfriend came inside of me along with my regular birth control. Then on October 4th i took two birth control because i had missed it on the third.

My period came over 2 weeks early, it started on the 11th but only brown discharge then on the 12th it started to have blood along with it, its now the 18th (My periods only usually last for 5 days) and the blood flow is just becoming heavier i pulled out my tampon today and there was a huge blood clot that covered one side of the tampon before this happened there was slight cramping which ive had throughout this whole period.

This could help but on the 15th i stopped my birth control (lost my package) and im getting it refilled this sunday and restarting the whole process.

I dont know if its plan B mixed with the birth control and then getting off the birth control that could be causing this?

I know this isnt normal could it possibly be a miscarriage? There was no white/grey on the tampon it was just dark red/black but a lot of it. Im going to see if it gets worse tomorrow.

Does anyone know whats going on or have any experience with this type of thing?

I would really appreciate the help.