Hi everyone I have been TTC my first since February and since have been on a hayride with my emotions each month thinking if this month could be the month.  However this past month i have had other symptoms such as headaches almost everyday, as well as cramping and some nausea however never enough to want to puke and usually only when its been a while since i last ate.  This seems to be the worst in the morning not when i first wake up but if i dont eat anything and have been up for about an hour.  this feeling comes and goes through out the day.  My cycles have been about 35 days since coming off of BC but last month was only 28 days which is what i usually am.  If I were to go by the last month i should have started my period yesterday but all i had was a little brownish mucus in my vaginal opening.  I can usually stick a finger in and get a discharge like this which would mean to me i was bout to start my period.  Later that day when i wiped i did have a small amount of blood on toilet paper, however have not had anything sense.  I did take a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative.  Just wandering if i may be reading too much into this because i do want to be pregnant , hoping for some advice from others who may be or have been in the same situation.  Thank you!!