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I had unprotected sex for the first time. I'm 16 years old. My boyfriend and I have held of having sex ever since the first time since we were both a little worried. Yeah, I know it was a stupid idea. But I have heard before that sex in a pool prevents you from being pregnant. (And I don't think I believe that). Thats what we did, though. Just because it was a spur of the moment thing. Anyway, back on track now. We had sex on June 12th, and it is now July 3rd. I took a pregnancy test, but I think I took it too early. I took it about 4 days ago. I read the box and it said that it can register pregnancy up to 4 days before your periods due date. My periods are really really weird. I have my period once every three-four months. (Yes, I have talked to the doctor about this, they said everything is fine, its just how my body works). Anyway, I don't even remember the last time I had my period. I know it hasn't been any time in the past 3 months. So...I'm going to guess it was in February. April at the latest. But I really don't think it was in April. I'm actually 85% sure that it was before April.

I've been having some weird things go on with my emotions and body lately. This is what I am experiencing:

-nausea when eating
-nausea randomly through the early afternoon, some during the evening
-little back pain, and little cramping (I never cramp during my periods)
-Very slight breast pain, no aresola changes
-WILD mood swings. (I get near tears over the stupidest things)
-I have been urinating a little more, I guess...but I KNOW I have been having bowel movements way more than usual
-Almost constant gass
-"sour stomach" (and my diet doesn't consist of anything that would do that. I have been eating the same as usual and have never experienced this)
-burping w/ vomit
-loss of interest in sex
-some weird cravings
-slight enhanced sense of smell

Any advice you can give would be great. I haven't talked to my parents about this, only my boyfriend. We want to wait until we are absolutely sure if I am pregnant to tell anyone else.


Hi there im not a doctor but ill do my best to help since your periods are irregular its really hard to determine when to test my advice would be to consult a doctor its possible that your just stressing yourself out too but your symptoms are all symptoms that could be related to pregnancy or your period coming its hard to tell I had a misscarriage about a year ago but i knew i was pregnant before i tested my boobs were so sore i couldnt wear certain shirts i had cramping way before my period was due so i knew but since my periods were regular it was easy to know when to test

right now though i seem to be having the exact same symptoms as you except my areolas have changed color a lil and i feel like i am pregnant again and im going to test tomorrow ill keep you updated since we seem to be feeling the same let me know if you figure anything out and good luck!!

in regards to the poool thing thats not true you can still get pregnant its really good that you have your boyfriend to talk to since you are young it would be very hard to do that on your own im 21 and a little nervous about it but like i said ill keep you updated!


Hi just keeping you updated since we do have similar symptoms took a test today it was (-) but my period is 4 days away so i could be testing to early have you tried maybe taking another test? Also did you talk to your family doctor because i think normally if you have irregular periods they will try to send you to a gyno to be put on the pill or something to help regulate that you should probably consult a doctor or your parents because if you are pregnant you will need proper care and if not you should start taking birth control if you really dont want to tell anyone till you know that is your choice but it would be better if you did but i understand you not wanting to try taking another test and see where it goes ffrom there good luck


Well... I was with my boyfriend all yesterday and we talked about it a lot. I told him that I'm not sure, and its still a possibility. I haven't taken another pregnancy test yet. I figured I should wait until its at least a month since "the day".

I really appreciate your advice. Its really starting to drive me insane. I have a gut feeling (no pun intended) that I am pregnant. But then again I might be just stressing myself out and imagining things. I haven't talked to anyone else about it either lately. I talked to my mom and found out that I am scheduled for a gyno check up here soon. So then they should be able to tell me something. (I'm definantly sending my mom out for that check up! I don't want to tell the doctor in front of her that I might be pregnant and then they test me and I end up not being pregnant and still end up being in trouble with the momma lol).

I realized yesterday that my boobs are getting more sore every day. I always lay on my stomach when I sleep, but last night I laid down and almost screamed because of the pain. I couldn't even put on a bra this morning. I had NO sleep last night which was wonderful...NOT!

Anyways, thank you. Keep me posted on everything. And I will do the same.


aww i wish i could help i understand how you feel though ive been with my boyfriend since i was 15 and we had a few scares and i never wanted to tell my mom until i was sure its scary but you'll be able to handle it
Im with you though the last few nights i couldnt sleep at all it was terrible and my boyfriend slept over last night and hes like im about to leave if you dont just go to sleep haha and i really feel like im pregnant and i was very surprised when the test said no but ill wait a few days and try again

You know being 16 you can go to a Planned Parenthood and they can help you too and its free for most things and they can give you advice and help you with talking to your mom if you dont want to wait to go to the doctor

But you could just be stressing like you said but i know how that waiting thing is its no fun at all and adds so much extra unneeded stress good luck!

ps what State do you live in? im in Pennsylvania


I'm in Delaware/Maryland.
(Bi-state town)

Well...some more news... I have a doctors appointment here sooner than I thought. So thats a plus. Everything is still the same. No changes in the body at all.

Its starting to drive me insane. And its almost been a month since THE sex.
Keep me posted on yours, too!


Just checking in, turns out i wasnt pregnant, maybe next time, but how are things with you any new information come along, did you make it to the doctors yet? hope all is well look forward to hearing back soon


I have been on birth control for the past 3 or 4 months and I know I am pregnant...But ..last month when I ended my pack and had to wait that 7 days I wasn't feeling well and was feeling nausea my period didn't come til around the 5th day of the 7 day period before I was supposed to start up the new pack. Now my period didn't end til after my 7 days and I normally start my packs on a monday so I started my pack on thursday. sorry if this is confusing. during all this time I been feeling sick like pregnancy symptoms and I know im not because my bf didn't do anything. I was wondering if were I started my pack those extra days later than normal cause I wasn't sure if I could start it even if my period ended or not If thats why I been feeling sick? and should I stop taking this months and start over next month cause I am nervous it will make me sick if I continue to take the rest??