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Hello! My husband had his vasectomy reversed in June of 06. We couldnt actually start trying til August. The average time to concieve is 9-12 following this procedure and we're almost to that time range now. Of course, so far, I've not became pregnant, but every month, I wait anxiously on my early detection pregnancy test to give me that BFN!!!! This month though, I ovulated on the 5th, today is the 10th, and all day I have been SO tired and have had these twinges, almost like a pullig, every once in a while, down below! I also have had what I call a whiff of nausea all day long. Is it too early to have implantation cramps? If you have any advice or encouraging stories about success after a vasectomy reversal, please post them! Baby Dust For Everyone TTC!!!!!


I have just read your post and so understand how you feel. My partner had his reversal at the end of February this year but they could only re-connect one side. We remained up beat and positive as at least we have half a chance hey, and it just meant trying twice as hard so twice the fun!! Every month since I have convinced myself I was pregnant but then the ineviatable cycle started again! Always feeling disappointed but never to trodden on as there was always the next month.?!?!
We found out yesterday from his sperm count that the operation was completely unsuccessful as there is no sperm present! I am utterly devastated and so confused!
I would just like to ask if you had a sample test done and what the outcome was for you?
Also if there is anyone else out there who has experienced in anyway my situation?
Im desperate for a baby, I was put on this earth to be a mummy!!

You just keep positive and Im sure your little miracle will be conceived very soon.