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Hello, i have been worried for the past two weeks and if anyone could help that would be wonderful. i have been on birth control pills for about eight years and never felt the way i do this time. i had my last cycle on October 16 and ended on October 18. 

me and this guy have been sleeping together for a month and the last two times on October 3 and October 21 we've decided to have unprotected sex, three days after my menstrual cycle. ever since then i have been feeling nauseous all day, lower abdominal cramps and lower back pain, as well has having headaches. i know that these are also the same symptoms that you would get just before your get your cycle but i don't think that a woman should be getting theses symptoms two weeks early. so could it possibly be that i'm pregnant.

if someone could possibly answer this before i go out and buy a pregnancy test for it to just come out negative.  


You can always be pregnant but the chances of getting prenant is very low 3-4 days after menstruation