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Hey guys, i should probably ask a doctor or go to the doctor but this is the best i can do right now. I had my period on Oct. 23rd. (My periods are very irregular. Since February they have been anywhere from 30-35 day cycle. I used to be 28 or a day or two earlier before that Feb.) My husband and i had unprotected sex on the 27th and did ejaculate inside. This was 2-3 days after my period "ended". I was still lightly spotting until the next day. Then that whole week  and still now, very nauseous, the lower left side of my back is hurting like im ovulating, i am having very mild period cramping or the feeling of im getting my period but its very light. and a little bit more tired than usual but i guess that could be from work haha. My stomach now seems to be bloated or im just fat. I have taken two pregnancy test so far and both have been negative, but these are the 80 cent test you get at dollar general.

So my questions are, Can i get pregnant 2-3 days after my period? Am i pregnant? Am i taking the test too soon to tell?


Short and simply - no.