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Alright so heres the deal, I had unprotected sex 8 days before my period (June 7, 2008), I got my period on schedule (June 15, 2008), but I did not take the day after pill, and I am not on any type of contraception. Is there any possibility that I could have conceived even though I have my period now. I know if I miss my next period that I should take a pregnancy test, but I was just curious if it was possible to get pregnant?


Dear journey,

There are always possibilities.

With your case however I would say slim. Sperm can last up to three day in your body. You period should flush out the unfertilized egg (Unless of course you have a medical condition). Making room for a new one. However when the new one begins it's decent down the tube. The sperm should be all dead by then.

Always practice safe sex. I know it is a hassle to get that condom on or to use those nasty spermicidal stickamabobs. But it will save you from worrying in the future. Always remember that even pre-cum contains sperm. Put a condom on before even making contact.

I recommend the two in one spermicidal condoms as always.