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Very concerned that i might be pregnant.. I had my period(1st day) on june 11, had unprotected sex today june 21... Boyfriend(stupid as he could be) ejaculated in me. I was never one who could calculate my cycle and etc. It changes every other month. I know I have to wait to take a pregnancy test...Cabn someone please shed some light on my situation..

Making myself sick and stressed out


I wish I could "shed some light" for you but unfortunately all I can say is since this happened today if pregnancy isn't somehting you want and you are not already on the pill (for some reason some girls think that they can still easily get pregnant while they take the pill) then go to your nearest pharmacy and get yourself the "morning-after pill" such as Plan-B. You are in that "3-day/72 hour" time frame and the sooner you get it the more effective it will be. But do note that you will probably bleed within the next week and have "whacked out" bleeding for the next few weeks but hey, better than having an unwanted pregnancy, right? And, before next month, perhaps you should consider getting yourself on a regular BCP as the morning after pill is less and less effective each time you use it and it does "wreck havoc" on your hormones...not meant to be used all the time. Good luck and be safe!!