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I have normal periods. No longer than 32 days apart. My boyfriend & I have been together for 3 years now, and have always gone by my cycle with sex, and also condoms.
I was due for my period on June 5th, I was spotting, and we don't let me being on my period stop us from having sex. I know to some is gross, but we're all different. Anyways, we had sex on June 6th, and I let him cum inside of me. We usually do this. Now this time, no period. Spotted for less than a day, he came inside me, and no period. I had PMS, moodiness, bloating, cramps...
My boyfriend & I are at that age and time in our life where if i were to get pregnant then great. :-) But I was just wondering what would be going on. This has never happened before. Could his cum & sex have something to do with my period not coming? Or I am under a bit of stress, but nothing out of normal, been like this before and got my period. Sorry for going on, I would just like to know what's going on.

Thanx for any feedback! =)


Hi Amanda: When you say your boyfriend came inside you, was this while he had a condom on or not? You can get pregnant at anytime, even while you are having your period. So if he wasn't wearing a condom at that time, your chances of being pregnant right now have increased substantially. Wait a day or 2, see if anything happens. If it doesn't take a test. IF it was just on June 6th that you let him ejaculate without a condom it is WAY too early for you too tell. But if you did the same last month then you can take it now. Also having unprotected sex on the 6 is too late for your brain too stop your period anyway. Even if you had conceived on june 6, you would still get your period, and then you would have too wait.

So good luck and like I said if it was last month that you had unprotected sex, take the test, if it was this month you WILL have too wait at least another 3 weeks.


My boyfriend and I were not using a condom. I am aware this could lead to pregnancy. BUT, are you sure you can get pregnant ANY time of the month?! From my knowledge, you have fertile days, those fertile days are the days you can get pregnant.
And yes, it was only on June 6th I let him go inside of me. We have been safe with sex any day before June 6th.
I still haven't gotten my period yet. 4 days late.
I guess I will wait this one out. 2 more weeks if I haven't had a period, I'll take a test & share the results.
I just had found it extremely odd that I had PMS, like I had REALLY bad menstrual cramps, that I was taking midol every 2-3 hours, laying all the couch curled up in a ball. I was bitchy too, the usual trait for me getting my period. So that's why I find it odd I missed my period.

Thanx bambi! :-)