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hi i wonder if someone could give me some help befor i go to the doctor or my mum im 16 years old an was on the depo from may i came of the depo in october but im worried i might be pregnant because i have been being sick an my brest have been realy hurtin as well i have been gettin funny feeling in my belly witch im not to sure y i did 2 pregnancy test one came up with a faint 2nd blue line but was defo visable and then the 2nd test had jst the one soo now im even more confused the other thing is if i am pregnant i will be due around next month as the last time i had sex was in may but im not sure if the depo was workin please help if you have any advice please email me at *********

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Honey, if you were pregnant and think you may be due next month, you would defintely know! Your belly would be sticking out and you would have gained some weight! If you were 8 months pregnant, you could feel the baby move and kick you and if you took your hand and pressed in with a little force, you could feel the baby! Also, if you were 8 months pregnant, the pregnancy test would show 2 BOLD lines, not a faint line!