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*ok now im on the depo shot.


*have bleed some bloodclots.

*not much though.

*bleeding for 2 weeks now.

*i stopped for almost a day.

*now im back on it.

*my first depo shot was October 8, 2009.

*i was due to get another one January 7, 2010.

*i didnt.

*until the beginning of Febuary.

*March 13th i took a home pregnancy test it came back positive.

*so the next day, March 14th, i went to the hospital and bloodwork & a pregnancy test came back negative..??!

*its in the middle of March now.

*ever since ive got the shot , like right after i got it
me & my boyfriend had sex that same night.

*but ever since shortly after i got it , ive been having:

-pains in my lower stomach, by the top of underware line ,
but under my hips.
-pains in my lower part of my back..hurts all the time.
-i didnt start to bleed until 2 weeks ago.
-..6 days ago i woke up to bloodclots in my pad.
-that only lasted a day though.
-and 4 days ago i had some more bloodclots in my pad.
((( now note that the bloodclots wernt big at all, they were little)))

-i never stopped bleeding tho , it was like a period, but for 2 whole weeks .
-it started out like spotting , then ended up like a regular period.
-and today i woke up to no bleeding.
-and this night , i went to the bathroom, wiped, and was bleeding again.

*i also took a clearblue pregnancy test again earlier, because i stopped bleeding.
*but it came back negative.):



Go see your doctor about your bleeding.
Even if a home pregnancy came back postitive, you cant always rely on it, and you said you took another one and it came back negative.
I should seriousley concider going to your doctor.


ive been to my doctor , a million times.

she told me to go see an obgyn

so i did

he said i was fine.

but all he did was look at my coochie...??!!

nothing else.

my doctor wont call me back for the ultrasound i did

or the catscan i did...

this doctor doesnt no what she is doing?

her name is tina moe.

its a small town..

yall may think im crazy but something is seriouslly wrong with me.

and i would really appreciate help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!