I think i might be pregnant becuase when i had gotten on the shot at first my boyfriend and i had unpretected sex and he came in me and i was suppose to start my period 2 days after i got on the shot but i never started and when the doctor gave me the depo shot he said the pregnancy test they had to do on me was negative but it was still too early to really know because it hadn't even been 2 weeks yet for the test to be accurate and i dont know how quick the shot works for my period and if i missed my period because of the shot or if i missed it cuz i could be pregnant.

Another reason i think i might be pregnant is because...I haven't even been on the shot for 2 months yet...My doctor told me that the first 2 weeks being on the shot wont work and that my boyfriend and i need to still use condoms until the 2 weeks is over but 10 days after being on the shot (not 2 weeks) my boyfriend didnt use a condom and we are sure that he came inside of me..Since that day that it happened its been only 10 days and i don't know how long i should wait before i take a test and know it will be as accurate as possible..Im not even sure if i can be preggo.

I started getting this brownish discharge and its not thick or anything like i dont even feel it but it stays on my panties and im not sure exactly what it is. Sorry if i've confused you and yes i know my boyfriend and i need to be more careful and i should take a test but idk when i should and im not sure if its even really possible for me to be pregnant so i need your help. Thanks for taking your time to read this & i hope u take ur time to answer this.