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i had unprotected sex on september8 when he actually went inside me for the first time but he we usually have sex 3 to 5 times a week that is unprotected but he pulls out. i have been skipping birth control a lot so i decided to quit taking it 4 days ago sothat i could start over next month and get on track. the day after i quit taking it completely i started having light bleeding almost a pinkish brown color. i have been experiencing cramps and bloating but im not supposed to start for another 13 days. is there anyway i could be pregnant?


The more you skip pills the more likely a pregnancy is. Although missing pills can cause breakthrough bleeding, which can be as little as spotting to heavy like a period. It is possible, but less likely that it is implantation bleeding because it ranges from 6-12 days before your period. You are farther away. It is probably just breakthrough bleeding from taking the pills irregularly. To be safe I would take a pregnancy test.